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It had become such a part of the abductee\'s personality that not making the symbol took enormous work to stop.它已成为这样一个被绑架的个性的一部分,并非使符号了大量的工作停下来。

Today now age 60, this abductee has spent a life time of carrying this symbol through life.今天,现在60岁,这个绑架花了一生携带此符号的使用寿命。

The habit or ritual of automatically forming it was controlled, but to this day it can be found everywhere on things like bank books, calendars, note pads, anything that is laying around that is not of a business or important nature.这个习惯或控制的自动生成是仪式,但由此也可以像银行存折无处不在,日历,笔记薄,什么是周围铺设是不是商业性质的东西发现或重要的一天。

It is odd that a child would develop such a complex one motion symbol at such a young age.奇怪的是,孩子会发展这么年轻的年龄在这样复杂的一个运动的象征。

It is odd that the compulsion to constantly repeat it continued for a life time when the abductee showed no signs of any other compulsive character traits.奇怪的是,不断重复的强迫它一生的时间继续被绑架时表现出任何其他强迫性格特征的迹象。

I have been asking my readers if they have ever seen or have any knowledge of this symbol for the last two years.我一直在问我的读者,如果他们所见过的或者有任何过去两年,这个符号的知识。

I have had many good people try to help however most suggestions were not close at all to this one line continuous motion symbol.我有很多优秀的人才尽力帮助建议,但是大多数都没有接近这一行连续运动的象征。


两个人给我的材料,可能会带来一些解答这个谜。 I am hopeful that by reaching out one last time to my readers and those who have an interest and hopefully some insight or knowledge concerning this symbol, we may be able to find some answers to this mystery.我希望,到最后一次接触到我的读者和那些谁拥有权益,并希望就一些见解或知识这个符号,我们或许可以找到一些这个谜的答案。

I have asked the abductee to once again draw this symbol and show me how it is made with one quick stroke of the pen.我已要求被绑架者再次作出这样的象征,告诉我如何与人之笔快速中风制成。 I will tell you that this symbol jumps from her pens tip with such speed that it is impossible to follow the method.我会告诉你,这个符号从她的笔与这样的速度,这是不可能遵循的方法技巧跳跃。

It is broken down to show you the direction used to make it in one quick move.它分解为您显示用于在一个快速移动的方向。

If you have ever seen this exact symbol before or have any information of what it means please contact me.如果你有见过这个符号的确切之前或有任何这是什么意思,请与我联系的信息。

For now this symbol will remain as mysterious as this abductees entire life has been.现在这符号将继续作为整个生命,因为这已被绑架者的神秘。 Be careful out there and always pay attention to your surroundings.所以一定要留意,始终注意周围的环境。


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