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1993年8月,27岁的凯利卡希尔,她的丈夫和三个孩子开车回家后房子的是去一个朋友。 Their routine journey would soon become a harrowing trip into an unknown world of strange beings that occupied space but were void of color as we know it. 日常的旅程将很快成为一个悲惨的旅行到一个被占领的空间未知生命的那个世界,但奇怪的是无效的色彩,因为我们知道它。

The Dandenong foothills, near Belgrave, Victoria, Australia would have its location forever linked to the sighting of one of the most unusual humanoid creatures in Ufology archives.山麓附近的丹德农贝尔格雷夫,维多利亚,澳大利亚将有它的位置永远挂在飞碟学的档案最不寻常的人形生物一踪迹。

Records from the town of Leicester, England in the year of 1928 give an account of another being without color.从莱斯特,英国在一九二八年镇志给另外一个没有颜色感帐户。 The Cahill family would witness either more of the same, or very similar beings in the wee morning hours of August 8.在卡希尔家庭将见证之一相同或非常相似的人更多的8月8日凌晨,。

After midnight the Cahills were on their journey home when they first noticed the lights of a rounded craft with windows around it.午夜后卡希尔斯是关于回家的路程时,他们首先注意到一个与它周围的圆形窗户工艺灯。 It silently hovered above the road.它静静地盘旋以上的道路。 Different colored lights were clearly visible on the bottom of the object.不同颜色的灯都清楚对象的底部可见。

The UFO was so close to the ground that Kelly thought she could see people through the window openings.飞碟是如此的贴近地面,凯莉认为她可以透过窗户看到的人。

As she began screaming to her husband what she was seeing, the craft zoomed off to their left, disappearing as quickly as it had made itself known.当她开始尖叫她的丈夫,她是看到什么,工艺飞身到了自己的左侧,以最快的速度消失,它已使自己知道。

Continuing their drive home with a renewed interest in the sky, they suddenly came upon a light...继续同在天空的新的兴趣开车回家,他们突然来到一个光... a light so bright they were practically blinded.一光如此明亮,他们几乎失明。 Shading her eyes from the intense light with her hands over her eyes,底纹从与她的手在她的眼睛强光她的眼睛,

Kelly begged of her husband, "What are you going to do?"她的丈夫恳求凯利,“你打算怎么办?” Her husband now frightened to death by the glowing presence before them, replied, "I am going to keep on driving."她的丈夫现在吓死了光辉的存在,在他们面前说:“我会继续开车。”

Within what seemed only a second or two, Kelly was now very relaxed, suddenly calmed by the disappearance of the intense, glowing light that had turned night into day for a brief few moments.在什么似乎只是一两秒钟,凯利现在很放松,突然的激烈,泛着光,已变成了白天晚上一个简短的几分钟消失平静。

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