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Could these strange and eerie beings simply slip from a parallel existence into ours?难道这些人只是奇怪和可怕滑从并行到我们的存在? Or were they from a not too distant future?或从一个不太遥远的未来呢?

The account of Kelly Cahill has been examined and reexamined by many researchers.凯利卡希尔的帐户已被许多研究人员审查和复查。 Many theories have been put forward, but nothing new has been uncovered.许多理论被提出,但一直没有什么新的发现。

Nothing has been proven, or disproved.什么都还没有证实或反驳。 Kelly Cahill was considered a reliable, honest person by those who knew her at the time of this strange sighting.凯利卡希尔认为那些谁知道在这件怪事目击当时她一个可靠的,诚实的人。 Her case is considered legitimate by many UFO investigators.她的案件被认为是合法的,许多不明飞行物调查员。


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